First Quarter JAAAAMS

A brief sampling of my favorite stuff from the first 3 months of 2014.

March is Over

Well, almost. We're a quarter of the way in, and my top 24 so far are now ranked. Lots of great stuff this last month, and looks like April will be no different.


Ranked: 24
Listened Twice but not ranked: 14
Listened: Once: 46

I'm on pace to hear 300 albums this year, and have no plans to slow down. 

Documentary / Movie Idea

Ok so the paralympics have a lot of veterans generally in them, right? There HAS to have been a circumstance where veterans from both sides of a war come up against each other in a paralympic game right? Think of the drama!

Two Months In

FYI, I'm lagging a bit on weekly recommendations, but am keeping the annual best-of up to date. 16 albums ranked so far on the site at the moment, with another 40 that haven't made the cut yet this year. Some good stuff coming up in March too! Stay tuned.


Album of Last Week

I missed posting it on Friday, and then figured I should just wait until now since it's on spotify. Enjoy!

Hospitality – Trouble

Friday Music Pick for 1/17

This week was a lot of pre-release streaming on NPR First Listen, Pitchfork Advance, and other various places. Streams from Mogwai, Tom Brosseau and Against Me! were captivating, but what really got to me this week was "The Gloaming". 

Technically an Irish "supergroup" (though probably only for those into Irish folk music), this album is traditional, technical, moody, and gorgeous. No vinyl release announced yet, but here's to hoping. 

You'll have to stream it here: until it's released, but that's not really so bad, is it?


Abbott and Costello: Live at Leeds

Abbott: "The Who's on next."

Costello: "The Guess Who?"

Abbott: "No, they're Canadian."


365 For 365

Just read this short piece on the AV Club by a dude who made it his goal to buy 365 records in 2013. He makes some interesting additional points about the seeking out of physical music as opposed to just an endless supply of digital tracks, but I think our base motivations are the same. The goal being to consciously set aside time to think about and enjoy art that doesn't just drift in one ear and out the other. It does provide some inspiration and direction for my year of music in 2014: more local, more physical, and with an end result of me purchasing more physical albums and seeing more shows. 

"It was never a chore, but a reminder of the importance of continually engaging with art instead of simply consuming it."

Weekly Music Recommendation

Because why not. 2014 is off to a bang, and why not share some things as I find them? 

St. Even – St. Even

This is a local dude who I just heard for the first time courtesy of the Mercury. If you like this song, you'll like the whole album. Pleasant orchestral folk, a good way to start the year. 

That's My America

There's not a single manufacturer / retailer that refers to it as "toilet paper", and not a single living consumer who refers to it as "bath tissue". We all spend 3 or 4 hours a day using it, and none of us can agree on what it is!