Thing for 04/21/2015: William Tyler

Drownin in new records guys. Sat on the porch last night while the sun set and listened to this re-release from William Tyler (as The Paper Hats) that I picked up on Saturday for Record Store Day. 

The Thing Is The Thing

As someone who makes websites for a living, I sometimes feel like I should somehow be doing something cooler or more complicated with this site. But then I realized that the platform isn't the thing, the thing is the thing. 


{later insert gif of head exploding}

I'm gonna try a new feature where I post VERY briefly a thing to share every day at the top of the page. When it's gone it's gone. Once I get enough maybe I'll make a backlog, but for now...the thing is the thing man. 

Favorite Tracks of 2015 (ongoing)

I'm being better about keeping track of songs this year, and this playlist is up to date as of today, with more coming. One song per album rule, if you like a song, you can dig deeper on your own. Good luck not going insane with the genre jumping!

Best of 2014- Introduction

Hooray! It's the end of another year, which means I get to make lists of things. This is the mother of them- my top 100 albums of the year. I decided to extend the format a little bit to give more room to write (on the longer ones) and ease up on the super long page scroll. You can still view the full list in one place from the "Best Of" menu at the top, but this is the true experience.

A Mystery, In Three Parts

Part 1: Mystery

Sometime in the Summer of 2008, I received a mysterious package in the mail.

It wasn't my birthday, but it was wrapped like a present. It was about 3 feet tall by 8 inches wide (probably was not cheap to mail), and it came from Woodland Hills, CA. The name listed on the address label was "Kuchta", a name which I had no context for, from a place I'd never heard of. The package contained two items. A handwritten note, which said something along the lines of "Was It Good For You?", and this painting:

What I Been Up To

Recap since the last time I posted a blog-

I turfed out on Thailand blog, because I realized it was taking too much time and I wanted to be enjoying it. It was great. You can see all 700 photos on Flickr

Some other things that happened: Pickathon, a few weddings, Hood To Coast, Bumbershoot, a few shows here and there, and mostly just catching up with friends.

I spent a lot of September recapping my life through the music I listened to in preparation for my 30th birthday, and now you can see that all here

Last weekend I ran my second marathon in Boise and my legs are still sore.

There, we're caught up. 

Mostly I just wanted to update that I've still been adding 8 new albums per month to my Best of 2014. Here's a few that just went up:

  1. Bahamas- Bahamas is Afie. Amazing chillin folk rock. Saw this guy live last night and he destroyed. 
  2. King Tuff- Black Moon Spell. Probably the most purely "fun" album of the year so far?
  3. Hiss Golden Messenger- Lateness of Dancers. Kind of melancholy and unique songwriting but totally moving and beautiful folk. Captivating live.
  4. Zammuto- Anchor. Firmly establishing his place outside of the aftermath of The Books, kind of an organic / electronic funky jam. 

Great new stuff already out this month that I can't wait to put up as well from The Barr Brothers and Kevin Morby. Keep listening!


Last Night in Bangkok

The best moments of a trip, as well as in life, are unexpected and pretty impossible to document but will live on in memory forever. Often, they can be like a blue sky cloud break in the middle of a rainstorm. Yesterday, we had one that was literally just the opposite.

Photos from Bangkok

I'll be updating the full album for the entire trip here daily (or so), but here's a slider of photos from our first two days in Bangkok.

An Introduction to Bangkok

We woke up way too early for how little we had slept over the past day and a half. After an hour of debating the merits of the best way to get around on a sightseeing mission, we enjoyed a small but satisfying continental breakfast at our hotel, the Mode Sathorn. Located in the Silom district, the Sathorn is a very modern styled accomodation with a focus on class and fashion. They have a written (but in my experience un-enforced) dress code that prohibits shorts and flip flops in their bars / open areas, which seems extreme for what most visitors to Bangkok are going to be wearing.

Halfway Around The World

The trip here was simultaneously exhausting and uneventful. It took about 27 hours from when we left our house for the Airport to when we checked into our hotel in Bangkok. By the way- I was wrong about the way flying / time travel / daylight would work. I assumed we'd fly back out of the daylight and have darkness as we crossed the International Date Line, but actually we moved WITH the sun, as noon in Vancouver BC slowly became 5:00 pm or so in Guangzhou China. Perpetual daylight, for about 23 hours. If anything helped with the time transition, it was probably that.

PDX Airport, June 19 2014.

Now begins the longest travel day of my life. We arrived at PDX around 8am PST, and will land in Bangkok around 8am tomorrow, which is 10pm there. There is no way to prepare for a 14 hour time change, other than to be so exhausted that you can sleep until the time you are supposed to be waking up. We are going to fly backwards, from Vancouver BC, away from the sun until it gets dark and becomes tomorrow night. [brain explodes]